Tkinspect Notes

tkinspect started as a quick hack to help me debug my Tk programs. Since then, I've also used tkinspect to explore and experiment with Tk programming. What started out as a 150 line one day hack has now been re-written twice and grown to over 3000 lines. I'm still having a lot of fun programming in Tcl, and so I expect tkinspect will continue to grow and evolve.

tkinspect was written using a object system written in Tcl. The object system is really just a way to group a Tcl array and a bunch of procedures. It's part of a larger Tcl library of mine called STL. tkinspect includes a subset of that library.

tkinspect itself is public domain and you may do whatever you want with it. However, the Tcl code in the stl-lite directory was written at LBL, so those files are copyright 1995 Lawrence Berkeley Lab. See stl-lite/COPYRIGHT for the full copyright notice.

If you have any comments, questions, or bug reports please send them to me. My address is

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