What's New?

See the ChangeLog for more details.

Changes in release 5.1.6p6 (14 Mar 2002)

The original code plus some patches have been collected together and added to the tkcon project as SourceForge. Some general work has been done to bring tkinspect up to date for use with Tcl 8.3 and 8.4 and incr Tcl 3.2.

Changes in release 5.1.6 (23 June 1995)

5.1.6 has only 2 bug fixes, see the ChangeLog if you're really interested.

Changes in release 5.1.4 (21 June 1995)

5.1.4 adds more browsing lists, and has a few refinements.

Changes in release 5.1 (5 June 1995)

5.1 fills in the missing holes of 5.0, fixes a few bugs, and adds some features.

Changes in release 5.0 (February 1995)

Release 5.0 was a complete rewrite of previous versions of tkinspect. This version runs only with Tk 4.0.
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